A Childs Night Terror

A Game by Dave and myself for Ludum Dare 32


Lake Polygon

My entry in Ludum Dare 34

Play here!

More Proof of Concepts

Some proof of concepts that I built, really rough but fun

Rough Concepts

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How time flies when you are forgetting to blog.

So…   I’ve been neglecting this space pretty bad, between work, and Studying for Microsoft Certification tests, and doing my second Ludum Dare, etc. Here is a run down. Outlaw Invaders is still in progress, I have just not had time to work on it.  Also started building a game called Demolition Dinah while I […]

Day two of the Ludum Dare

Day two coming to an end, have a complete end to end single level done.  Thanks to great artwork from David Tredeau I think we might have a great entry and even a good concept that we can go forward with. Following the theme of “An Unconventional Weapon” , we came up (and by we I […]

Outlaw Invaders log

Last week at code camp while manning the RoyalJay booth, I made a rough horse riding animation for the endless runner minigame in Outlaw Invaders Not bad for a start if I do say so myself.  I really need an artist though.

Bright shiney code camp day

FINALLY! I am finally uploading my slides and materials from my Code Camp talk for Boise Code Camp 2015.  With projects at RoyalJay and starting a new course on TypeScript, as well as diving into Unity I have been running a bit behind.   ..Anywho.  Here are the slides and sample project Construct 2 Presentation Sample […]