Just a quick update

Made some ghost graphics.  these fly up from the bandits as you shoot them.  I’m really trying to get a good idea of how I want the graphics too look.  Originally I was going to go for Pixel style graphics but now I’m thinking of making some cartoony “plants vs zombies” style graphics.   I’m […]

Boise Code Camp 2015!

I’ll be talking this year at Boise Code Camp running a beginners level training class using Construct 2 to make games.  Code Camp is March 21st and will be hosted at Boise State University in the Student Union Building.  More info can be found here.

Outlaw status

Work continues on Outlaw Invaders! The game concept is kind of meta.  You play a video game actor Johann Blayne, who has been hired to work on the game “Outlaw Invaders.”  Cutscenes where you talk to your agent, director and others between levels will lead you from groups of mini-games which comprise your “Scenes” in […]

Might as well post all my tests and concepts

Since I am dedicating myself to finishing Outlaw invaders, I have decided to post all my rough concepts and playable demos here for everyone to mess with.  Single Cell Cop and The King is Pissed are now playable.

ADD has kicked in, so of course i’m working on new game

So, I have this giant problem.  I get an idea for a game, make a fun rough draft, and then get another idea for a game.  It’s my personal version of chasing the dragon.  So, I have a goal.  The game I am now working on I will take to completion.  I will use this […]

Single Cell Cop Beta

Another day, another blog

I’d love to say that i’ll update this section on a regular basis, and fill it with erudite wisdom and Shakespearean comedy ramblings. I may update it occasionally with stuff that will be wrong, dumb and opinionated instead. Such is life. In the meantime, there is a really rough proof of concept (I mean REALLLLLY […]