Day two of the Ludum Dare

Day two coming to an end, have a complete end to end single level done.  Thanks to great artwork from David Tredeau I think we might have a great entry and even a good concept that we can go forward with. Following the theme of “An Unconventional Weapon” , we came up (and by we I […]

Outlaw Invaders log

Last week at code camp while manning the RoyalJay booth, I made a rough horse riding animation for the endless runner minigame in Outlaw Invaders Not bad for a start if I do say so myself.  I really need an artist though.

Bright shiney code camp day

FINALLY! I am finally uploading my slides and materials from my Code Camp talk for Boise Code Camp 2015.  With projects at RoyalJay and starting a new course on TypeScript, as well as diving into Unity I have been running a bit behind.   ..Anywho.  Here are the slides and sample project Construct 2 Presentation Sample […]