How time flies when you are forgetting to blog.



I’ve been neglecting this space pretty bad, between work, and Studying for Microsoft Certification tests, and doing my second Ludum Dare, etc.

Here is a run down.

Outlaw Invaders is still in progress, I have just not had time to work on it.  Also started building a game called Demolition Dinah while I was on vacation, kind of a mashup of Galaga and Peggle.  Upgraded Windows 10 on my laptop which of course killed it, causing me to have to reload windows, which caused me to have to delete all the progress I had on Demolition Dinah.  (Note to self, Git is not just for work projects, its for personal projects too!)

Thud Games LogoOh, bought this on a Woot Sale

It’s freaking awesome, now in the process of redoing graphics on pretty much everything.  Just created the new Thud Games logo on it.  Turned out great if I do say so myself.

As soon as I get my cert refresh finished I plan on rebuilding Demolition Dinah, and then back to outlaw invaders.

I think that’s it for now.

Oh, I wrote a blog post for work, on building Voice Control apps with a Raspberry Pi2 and Jasper



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