Outlaw status

Work continues on Outlaw Invaders!

The game concept is kind of meta.  You play a video game actor Johann Blayne, who has been hired to work on the game “Outlaw Invaders.”  Cutscenes where you talk to your agent, director and others between levels will lead you from groups of mini-games which comprise your “Scenes” in the game (I’m kind of mixing movie and game metaphors here but I think it will work.)

Johann will constantly complain about the graphics, game play, blatant ripping off of other games etcetera during these cutscenes.

So far the first level is pretty hard, but fun.  My plans are to make each level have a time limit, which you must survive to.  Difficulty can be adjust by extending the standard time limit.

Oh yea, and here is generic outlaw number one before WebGL effects


And after


I’m kinda digging the WebGL filtering I have going on. 🙂


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