A Childs Night Terror

A Game by Dave and myself for Ludum Dare 32


Lake Polygon

My entry in Ludum Dare 34

Play here!

More Proof of Concepts

Some proof of concepts that I built, really rough but fun

Rough Concepts

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Just a quick update

Made some ghost graphics.  these fly up from the bandits as you shoot them.  I’m really trying to get a good idea of how I want the graphics too look.  Originally I was going to go for Pixel style graphics but now I’m thinking of making some cartoony “plants vs zombies” style graphics.   I’m […]

Book Review : Microsoft .NET – Architecting Applications for the Enterprise (2nd Edition) (Developer Reference)

I just finished reading Architecting Applications for the Enterprise. This book is a must read for any .Net developer. Though aimed at Architects or those who are on track to become an Architect, the information contained inside is something that any developer, from “Junior” to “Architect” should know. It’s extremely easy to read, and the […]

Boise Code Camp 2015!

I’ll be talking this year at Boise Code Camp running a beginners level training class using Construct 2 to make games.  Code Camp is March 21st and will be hosted at Boise State University in the Student Union Building.  More info can be found here.

Outlaw status

Work continues on Outlaw Invaders! The game concept is kind of meta.  You play a video game actor Johann Blayne, who has been hired to work on the game “Outlaw Invaders.”  Cutscenes where you talk to your agent, director and others between levels will lead you from groups of mini-games which comprise your “Scenes” in […]