A Childs Night Terror

A Game by Dave and myself for Ludum Dare 32


Lake Polygon

My entry in Ludum Dare 34

Play here!

More Proof of Concepts

Some proof of concepts that I built, really rough but fun

Rough Concepts

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ADD has kicked in, so of course i’m working on new game

So, I have this giant problem.  I get an idea for a game, make a fun rough draft, and then get another idea for a game.  It’s my personal version of chasing the dragon.  So, I have a goal.  The game I am now working on I will take to completion.  I will use this […]

Single Cell Cop Beta

Another day, another blog

I’d love to say that i’ll update this section on a regular basis, and fill it with erudite wisdom and Shakespearean comedy ramblings. I may update it occasionally with stuff that will be wrong, dumb and opinionated instead. Such is life.

In the meantime, there is a really rough proof of concept (I mean REALLLLLY rough) for a game called single cell cop.  feel free to try it here